Lockdown Acoustics

Mine was a world of constant
noise. The fan in my room, the TV
in my kitchen, music in the car. I could
stare at the ceiling for hours and watch
as the fan rotates, its motion easing
with my hardening gaze. The clank
of chopsticks against my mother’s
ringed fingers, raindrops splattering
across the squeaky windows.
The piano rang throughout the room
every night. Somewhere else
the bark of a dog could be heard. The leaves
of the huge talisay trees rustled in unison.
Even the buzzing of mosquitoes
around my head seemed part of it all.
The traffic, the motorcycle revving. Phones
ringing and keyboards clacking. Elevator
swishing past our floor. Heels tapping
against the polished pavements. I let
myself believe that I had the power
to slow down time.

Ellena Jeong is a 10th grade student who currently studies in an international school. Her work has been published in The Heritage Review and the 2020 Austin International Poetry Festival Youth Anthology. It has also been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. She likes writing poems about her hobbies and life. She enjoys playing golf and has competed against other international schools around the world, representing her school. She is also enrolled in orchestra and has played the violin since she was eight years old.

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1 Response to Lockdown Acoustics

  1. L.A Pontes says:

    Great poem! Congrats!

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