I have seen nothing, but I have seen all.
Blackberries rotted on a withered branch, small

and inedible. Fire floating on the air
above a wayward river. Without care

wind harangues the trees. The difference
between light and shadow wavers. A fence

topples on snapdragons and weeds.
I have come to interrogate the leaves,

nebulous and inscrutable—no master
but merely an arbiter of disaster.

Let me carry my torch into the dim
woods, to search for love, to search for him.

Let me lift my body into the clouds,
then let me sing and call his name aloud.

Kevin J.B. O’Connor received his MFA from Old Dominion University, and will start a PhD in English program at University of Kentucky in the fall. He has published poetry in numerous journals, including Bayou Magazine, Glassworks, Flare: The Flagler Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, and Visions International.

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