You come and go as you please
I lock the door to make sure
You don’t enter
But you find the key
Under the rug or
Buried in the pot
You come into my bedroom
Sleep in my bed
Wrap the blanket around your body
Hug my pillow
Breathe into it
And leave strands of your hair
These aren’t enough for you
You take my clothes out of the cabinet
You wear my favorite white shirt
And lie on my bed again
You take my shirt off and leave
Locked the door behind you
I go home and see the mess you’ve made
But before I clean up
I put my white shirt on
Lie down
Remember the smell of your hair
And sink into the grooves of your body

Joshua Berida has written all sort of things over the years, from car parts to dental work to marketing to poems to short stories to travel. These days he focuses on writing about destinations in the Philippines and Asia. He works freelance because he thinks he is his own boss.

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