Strawberries and Bananas, Split

Why are bananas yellow?
A half-empty can of soda
and a very bloody kitchen knife
are sitting at a table,
and the chair is tipped over, sprawled
in a pool of strawberry milk—
I would shake their hands but I’m afraid
of being cut by the knife. I’m the one asking
the banana question
because I can’t cope.

The soda can is tipsy; it tips
until it stands sideways on the table
but it’s sober enough not
to spill its sweet, sugary guts,
and sober enough not to talk
about the knife. And the can and the knife
already understand the chair and the strawberry
milk mess on the floor, but I’ve been
waiting a long time for answers
so I ask again:
Why are bananas yellow?

Hap Hausman is a new poet, author, musician, and game designer, from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. His combination of literary studies and game design training at the University of Saint Thomas creates a visceral, sincere experience to feel in each of his works. In addition to his poetry, he is currently writing, designing, and creating music for a classic-style RPG called On the Other Side of the Mirror.

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