Three Words

when she tells him
what she misses most about her homeland

she says it with a straight face
there is no emotion
nor a hint of apology
demeanor remains stoic and pristine
lips the color of blood
shoulders and full bosom straight

no black people

the speed of this sound did not change
from what came before it
a travel into the ears of the listener
that automatically changed his thoughts

he was incorrect in thinking
of his time in the Białowieża Forest

a picture now a bookmark in a book on a shelf that has not been dusted in months

his hands clasped in front of him
the oaks, the peace, the absence of pain

all of this removed as quick as it came
his brow furrows and he becomes quiet

he went to that forest with his friend
they saved their money for a 21-day trip
his friend was born in Jamaica
raised in Brooklyn
and took that picture of him
they hugged tightly afterwards
and he held back tears

he holds back tears now
he does not smile
he simply changes the subject

Dominic Traverzo is a writer and filmmaker living in Indian River County, Florida. His films have been official selections of numerous film festivals in the United States, Canada, and Europe. His latest film, Reggie, is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime and won the Original Story and Best Actor awards at the Deep Cut Film Festival held in Canada. Currently, Dominic is working on a book of poetry and in pre-production of his latest film to be shot in and around Florida’s Treasure Coast.

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