Ferme tes Yeux

A young boy
on a vintage postcard from France
sat on a cobblestone sidewalk –
his elongated shadow scaled the gray stone wall
of some café behind him.
Before him, a circle of cat eyes
blue, green, and yellow
stared up at him
breaths held
as the boy launched the bumboozer at them.
I could hear the thunder crackle –
the same sound I heard
in church as a young man
when an elderly woman
lost her footing while exiting the pew.
First the snaps, then the thud
of organs and bones bagged in skin.
I sometimes think about the boy,
but more often the marbles.
I pray God will give them

Jeremy J. Sutton is an aspiring poet returning to poetry after a 15-year hiatus. He was awarded a subscription to Free Lunch for his poetry by editor Ron Offen. Jeremy is the father of two and husband of one. He teaches literature to 11th grade students in Oakland, California and emphasizes the beauty and nuance of language. He enjoys photography and never stopped shooting film.

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