Our Daily Bread

The prairies are inside you, you are covered in dust and disarray, in clouds so close they are kissing the hay. The mares are tough and determined, like you, and resigned to their purpose. Well, I have always been a city mouse, even though I was born of the same bread. I wanted pavement and paintings, I wanted frosty tumblers of patio gin with crushed mint. I wanted red high heels and Barcelona. To each their own, you said, when I invited you to the city. I wanted to show you the museums and the world, but you said the whole world was under the dust right where you were. I was an old woman before I felt that kind of certainty and safety. That sense of where I stood. And if I gave a few portraits and poems to this planet, you gave us hefty, rustic loaves and cold beer. You cajoled the very earth to ignite on our behalf, to feed us.

Lorette C. Luzajic is the founder and editor of The Ekphrastic Review, a literary journal devoted to writing inspired by art. Her creative writing has appeared in hundreds of print and online publications and numerous anthologies. She has been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize, twice for Best of the Net, and is the first place winner of a story contest at MacQueen’s Quinterly. Her most recent of five books of poetry is Pretty Time Machine: ekphrastic prose poems. Lorette is also an award-winning artist whose collage-paintings have been collected in over 25 countries. Visit her at https://www.mixedupmedia.ca.

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2 Responses to Our Daily Bread

  1. Lorette, wonderful as ever.

  2. lisacreynolds says:

    Love the imagery! Wonderful, Lorette.

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