My partner’s ex hiked cross country
He passed through for a meal and a hot shower
I stared hypnotically at his detailed pair of calves
Boasting layers and stark division
Apparently available in all calves, even my own
If I cared enough to unearth them
When he excused himself to the bathroom
I watched him raise on his toes
As he walked, time slowed
The soleus, fibularis longus, and plantaris dancing together
Like a Russian ballet
Later in bed, I said coldly
“He left you to perfect the parts of himself he ignored.”
“I guess so.” she said, turning off the light
We held each other, our loose skin and muscles
Melding into one

Pat Hull is a songwriter and poet from Northern California. He is signed to a small music label out of Portland, OR, called Dutch Records. In his first attempt for publication, Pat is showcasing a series of poems called Field Notes on Love, a collection that attempts to bring humor and tenderness to the minutiae of loving through tragedy and doubt. He is 35 years old with a family of four, and more to come with fostering children on the horizon. He teaches Non-Violent Communication at CSU, Chico and Butte College.

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