When the refrigerator door is a revolving barrier, try boosting your decor with this one interior stylish door as the framework for cupboards of storage.

If you can’t fit a source of help and encouragement into the furnishing and decoration of a room of things, try ornamentation. You’re hanging out with the low fruits as measured in hours and minutes past midnight or noon again. It would be a waste.

Outside, the lighting is starting to glow. You roll your eyeballs through the elegant and traditional. Back in the old county all the young people were introduced to time.

The indefinite continued progress of existence is eyeing your ice cream. Signature moments just waiting for something to happen. Stressed out about space travel. The greatest hits of all time and space. Apparently I draw a lot of eyeballs.

Confused by my own creations. Paper meets ink. Delighted to mystify. So many shapes keep looking at me in some ways I don’t quite understand.

Just a prototype of an abduction oven, misappropriated for teleportation, in some fluid state of panic and despair. Nobody reads the warning labels and kidnappers are never really held accountable for loose lips. Or, to lose yourself out on hope as the moon falls in love with another shooting star. Reach for the mayonnaise.

More movements of limbs by sunrise, including the bones. Large bodies of seawater parts away from the center of the body. Can you tell from one part to another? The complete loss or absence of hope is something to be concerned about.

A very large or substantial amount of something is said, shouted, notarized. Sorry, but I’m not really listening in the status quo. The last thing I ever heard about was flesh and organs. Tell me later?

The main section of a car or aircraft is filled with smoke. It isn’t easy being green. Maybe shoot for yellow? Or you could shoot for the moon. Cue explosion. Lovely, here’s your certificate for getting involved in a love triangle including but not limited to, one shooting star. Three more minutes. Maybe you can frame it on your wall.

You reach for a book on your bookshelf, but you realize that your hand reveals it was a tangerine all along. Why wasn’t it a tangerine while on the bookshelf? Do you even like tangerines? If two more books turn out to be tangerines, I guess I’ll juggle them.

Your ice cream is starting to melt. Maybe this is how we tell time now. We’ll tell our children about the year of the melted ice cream. A generation of storytelling. A particular point in time or space. Unfolding asparagus and peas with melted butter. To make or become more tender or loving while having become liquefied by the overheating of the universe. Rendered in clarity. Get the message, get the picture, have an aha moment, please. Just eat your ice cream.

Elan Radousky lives in California. When he isn’t reading, writing, eating, sleeping, or playing the xylophone, he can sometimes be found outside attempting to finally master five club juggling. He doesn’t actually play the xylophone, but he has on occasion dabbled at playing the xaphoon. His favorite color is blue, and he probably doesn’t know any secrets about you.

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