on show days I write morning essays

indigo coffee spills soy corduroys:
sprinting through corpus doors we
hurl books tousled messianic (says,
all the world’s a) shut up let’s run
through scene eight again. we keep

forgetting dialogue, shit
damn motherfucker
, fifteen
minutes till doors open, have
you got your contacts in?
Lord, please, memory
opening set in ten, motherfucker
, help me with my
costume, what’s that line

from scene three some
damn bitch just stole my man

no you don’t have time for
a smoke break, that wallet
should be on the floor

got to find another fucker
up the staircase now (where’s
ollie?) don’t trip, make up for the
other fucker
, varsity is here
fellas, let’s give them all hell

three, two, one, glory
shit damn motherfucker,
motherfucker damn.

and lights: we’re
off somewhere, not
here, not really.

Christian Yeo is a final-year law undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. His work can also be found in 698’s Redefinitions, Ethos Books’ This Is Not A Safety Barrier, the jfa human rights journal, and the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (forthcoming).

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