I have heard it said that poetry is strategic absence.

Yet you fill all these spaces
and still I call this
a love poem.
Poetry is

red wine and Love Jones
a butterfly perched on a rose,
a pause, a breath
not taken.

Silence warm as honey whiskey,
sunlight streaming through an open window,
a droplet of dew balanced on a blade of grass,
the comfort of your fingers laced through mine.

Ella and Louis together on vinyl,
dreaming a little dream.
I want to sing love from the rooftops,
although this is not my lyric I.

I like to think that this is
my diary I,
the I that I keep for myself,
and the I that I share with you.

I love you every day.
Every day, I learn to love
the everyday
a little bit more.

The warmth of your smile,
the cool of the piano’s black keys,
the song of your laughter,
and the dance of your fingertips down my spine.

I love you shea-butter-soft
and moon-drunk-loud,
I love you like harmony loves melody
and paint loves the brush.

And I know I’m not really an artist.
But all this is love.
And love is generative.
So even now, I am creating.

I love you
like poetry.

Ethan Thayumanavan is an aspiring poet of Indian descent, from Amherst, Massachusetts. He is a full-time student at Columbia University. His exploration of poetry began when he joined a collegiate spoken word poetry team, but his love for the written word has influenced his transition from performance to writing.

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2 Responses to Poesis

  1. Laura Denise says:

    So beautifully expressed! šŸ˜

  2. Love every word! Beautiful Ethan!!!!

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