Generations’ Embrace

The autumn trees
almost fluorescent,
almost traffic cones
redirecting—the ’70s CD
breathing in the background;
it’s just past too early to
be this talkative.
TV show philosophy,
psychology of the twists—
we are real-life Gilmore girls
a few states over.
Coffee and conversation
over how tricky it is to tame
our troubled tendons and nerves and muscles—
how delicate our beings,
how delicate our dreams.
We may never figure it all out, but
at least we are a good support system.
We, with identical ears, same
senses of humor—we tell
our inside jokes in outside voices.
Momma knows it all;
the back of my hand is half hers anyhow.
And for every time I feel alone,
I am never alone
because Mom is here,
and Grandma is here,
and I thank God they are here
for every cloud-drifted moment—
breezy, beautifully bold, only heavy on occasion.
And it scares me so,
when the decades dare to collapse—
so I must shake my head free of worries
to focus on the fragrant here and now—
the imprint from these generations,
the immense, immaculate embrace.

Karissa Seibel is an eighteen-year-old poet from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work has appeared in publications such as Eve Poetry Magazine, Silver Linings Anthology, and Train River Poetry: Spring 2020. Karissa is a curator for Savant Poetry and Pack Poetry, Instagram poetry communities, and she is a Literary Submission Editor for Kalopsia Literary Journal. More of Karissa’s poetry can be found on her Instagram portfolio: @karissa_thinks_in_ink.

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