First Noon

Marigold faux alligator
skin—this is fashion, I suppose, paired
with a pursed-lip moment,
all the decisions never simple,
since everything

tanks, tips, takes
flight, I guess,

but who is to mention the breeze is late
when we already took breaths?
Not everything is possible at once,
I guess you should already know, so
I sweep across the street, consider your sight—
hazard lights or sun on my shoulder.

Karissa Seibel is an eighteen-year-old poet from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work has appeared in publications such as Eve Poetry Magazine, Silver Linings Anthology, and Train River Poetry: Spring 2020. Karissa is a curator for Savant Poetry and Pack Poetry, Instagram poetry communities, and she is a Literary Submission Editor for Kalopsia Literary Journal. More of Karissa’s poetry can be found on her Instagram portfolio: @karissa_thinks_in_ink.

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