On Progression

This looks a lot like rubble / but if you turn your head to the right angle / it could look a lot like a makeshift greenhouse / I’m somewhere out in the backyard of teenage expectations / a little creation architects would roll their eyes at / not knowing they once were in the same phase of taking / faulty parts and trying to make them fit / into a work bigger than their own bodies / No, green is not my favorite color / truth be told / but behind its filter is all that we breathe / Even what’s wasted / thrown to the gusts and gashes / is pure currency / failures turned fertilizer / All the hammers and nails / sweat and sun / can’t compare in luminosity now

Karissa Seibel is an eighteen-year-old poet from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work has appeared in publications such as Eve Poetry Magazine, Silver Linings Anthology, and Train River Poetry: Spring 2020. Karissa is a curator for Savant Poetry and Pack Poetry, Instagram poetry communities, and she is a Literary Submission Editor for Kalopsia Literary Journal. More of Karissa’s poetry can be found on her Instagram portfolio: @karissa_thinks_in_ink.

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