Hurricane Season

there are unnamed fibres
governing how much love we receive

flecks of ice in the air, by whom,
& in what capacity, & uncertainty

if it’s a representation of a felt feeling
instead of the opposite side of the window

the tree will flap its leaves in Japan
& cause a fire hydrant to explode

off the coast of Carolina & though
never quite making it up to Labrador

like that summer,
when she found out you reacted

said you ran cold she told you to stand up
never looking at you

in the knee that ended your maybe Junior A career
you still know what rain feels like

Cole Mash is a poet, spoken word artist, and writer who lives on unceded Syilx-Okanagan territory in Kelowna, BC. He is the Managing Director of non-profit arts organization Inspired Word Café and of Kelowna Poetry Slam. He teaches sessionally at UBC Okanagan and Okanagan College, and is currently pursuing a PhD at SFU in English. His creative work has been published in Forget Magazine, Eunoia Review, Papershell, and OK Magpie, and his critical work has been published in Scholarly and Research Communication. He is currently working on a manuscript that blends poetry, memoir, and essay entitled What You Did is All It Ever Means, which he hopes to get out to presses soon. He has a wonderful partner, three kids, and two kitties whom he loves all the way to the bottom.

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