Self-Portrait as Praying Mantis in 3D Glasses

Despite outperforming all the undergraduates
with my sense of vision, I am unaware
of my great accomplishments. I strut

jerkily through life, focused
on snatching what I can from the air,
on surviving. My largest concern is how to

sustain myself, not how I look doing it.
Just observe what I can do, and learn.
Often, I look a little ridiculous—until

I act, then I’m all energy and detailed strokes.
I’ll bite off anyone’s head if you let me.
The only thing that matters to me is motion.

Gretchen Rockwell is a queer poet currently living in Scotland. Xe is the author of two micro chapbooks and a forthcoming chapbook from Vegetarian Alcoholic Press; xer work has most recently appeared in perhappened mag, Whale Road Review, Poet Lore, FreezeRay Poetry, and elsewhere. Gretchen enjoys writing poetry about gender, history, myth, science, space, and unusual connections – find xer at or on Twitter at @daft_rockwell.

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