There, I can see it, there.

Through and by. There is a thing, beguiled with itself.

The way a loaf of bread goes hard after a few days,

                        It’s the same way, here as there.

                        Grab a drink from the freezer.

Toss back, worry not,

                        all there is;

                                    is moderation and its contention.

Andrew Hutto is a GTA fellow at the University of Louisville pursuing a master’s degree in English. He was awarded third place in the 2020 Flo Gault Poetry Prize and second place in the second annual Poetry Derby hosted at Churchill Downs. In the summer of 2019, he served as a preliminary judge for the Louisville Literary Arts Writer’s Block Prize. Presently he serves on the Pine Row Press editorial board. His work appears in Thrush Poetry Journal, The Weekly Degree°, Cathexis Northwest Press, Math Magazine, Poet Lore, High Shelf, Twyckenham Notes, and previously in Eunoia Review.

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