The Daily Knot

Underneath the blanket I am reminded
when warmth was enough to cast as the
remedy for the frostbites of daily wear and tear

for daily-ness is
busy being worn with laces and knots tied
including those knots that bind the song that
was once a lullaby now cast as an unforgiving
reminder of repetition once more

for daily-ness is
string the puppet glides through
aware and unchanging
of the knots worn and washed
to be bunny knotted once more

for daily-ness is
repetition that becomes a comfort
within the inferno of the mind as the mind
wanders to the blanket stitched to the wall
now a souvenir symbol of when warmth
was found beyond the summer sun

Underneath the blanket I am reminded
of the wish for flames of the past to reside
as slippery shadows that follow with shoelaces as a guide
for at least moldy days would have some burnt edges

Sarah Gorban received a B.S in Neuroscience and is completing a PharmD at the University of North Carolina. She has been published through Trinity University, Dissonance Magazine, Global Poemic, and Orange Blush Zine, and is forthcoming at Polemical Zine, Trouvaille Review and in an anthology at Rudderless Mariner Poetry. Sarah can be found usually on adventures and searching to experience moments more subjectively.

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