There Is No Such Thing As Nothing

There is no such thing as nothing: not in this body.

The center of my abdomen and the curve of my ankles
and the notches of bone in my neck and every little knuckle.

The focus of the universe is found
behind the treeline veins of my eyes
but also in the bullfrog outside my window

and also in the pink of your palms and
also in the hungry summer heat.
You smile and say you love it here.

My temperament understands more now
that it has finally stopped accosting the past.

There is no such thing as nothing: not in this world.

I spell beauty on your lips and can taste myself,
and this is how I know. Rearranging these words
rearranges the universe, and I am but one – centered.

Ashley Sapp resides in Columbia, South Carolina, with her dog, Barkley. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of South Carolina in 2010, and her work has previously appeared in Indie Chick, All Female Menu, Emerge Literary Journal, and Common Ground Review. Ashley has written two poetry collections, Wild Becomes You and Silence is a Ballad.

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