A Country Gets Examined On The Autopsy Table

earth has more veins than soil coursing its
viscera. i mean, when nigeria

was laid on the autopsy table the doctors
found: skeletons of
dead flowers, decayed remains

of justice, disembowelled body of
hope, a flag with fangs for blood,

democracy’s broken limbs & the handcuffed
voice of the masses. six feet down its

throat, slain souls began to emerge holding
bloodied hoes & placards. nigeria, you ate

more than you gave &
will be lowered into the grave.

Bobbybryan Uzoma is a twenty-six-year-old Nigerian writer. He is the author of a poetry book titled The Artist. His works have been featured or are forthcoming in Eboquills, The African Writers Review, Afreecan Read, Nantygreens, Avalanche Initiatives and elsewhere. When he is not writing, he plays Scrabble and chess. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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