Millennial Poem

It’s easy to say “God only gives you
what you can handle,”
while my generation burns out
like Christmas lights
left plugged in all year.

Memories of the grade two gifted program
by faces bright with curiosity
(switched on
and never turned off),

Our eyes barely open
on those 4:45 AM mornings,
when dreams are left behind
in dark bedrooms as we stumble
in a fluorescent light kitchen,
where the sunny side up eggs
taste dimmer each day.

Richard LeDue (he/him) was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, but currently lives with his wife and son in Norway House, Manitoba. His poems have appeared in various publications throughout 2020, and more work is forthcoming throughout 2021. His chapbook, The Loneliest Age, was released in October 2020 from Kelsay Books.

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