winchester valley riflesman

Winchester Valley riflesman:

it is for you I have died in the snow

it is for you I can do nothing
but lie amongst the pages of your journals
and scream; perhaps this parchment
one day will be alive again

perhaps I can animate the feelings;
tie knots in the lavenders to remind them
freezing rain is not all that will snap their necks

on the ice comes the crunching of your boots;
on this bloated grass I try to stand
but the urge to vomit is too strong

and my body is the emptiness of dirt;
I am the barren nothing of a broken field

Vincent Sergiacomi is a student of English at Arcadia University. His poetry has previously appeared in Quiddity, and is set to appear in Poetry Pacific. His influences include Pablo Neruda, Larry Eigner, and Louise Glück. When not writing, Vincent enjoys going on walks and listening to music.

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