Notice my little bonsai tree
with uneven cuts to its leaves.
I do not believe it looks so rugged,
but please, pardon my miniature
rock garden. I never could rake
the sand properly and it was

I still believe in peaceful living,
though, but don’t know how
to forget worry, how to stop
moving and breathe
like my window bonsai,
who doesn’t and never will
need me. I know how
to scream into pillows,
how to lose faith and ask
too much. I know my God
likes wrestling the minds of humans
and I, always, have been
too gentle.

William Littlejohn-Oram received a degree in Fiction from the University of Houston and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Poetry from Texas Tech University. He can currently be found in Lubbock, TX, wearing brightly colored shoes. His work is forthcoming in Inkwell Journal, Amethyst Review, and Ancient Paths.

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