I am all Body

I am all body,

Spring is here:
snow’s rigidity gone,
            winter’s carnage,
            its visible aftermath
            scattered about
bent wood, fractured limbs
   the power of ice
   the weight of snow

Luxurious wetness seeps through the understory,
            softly dripping
            fresh streams
   my eyes awash, joyful
                                    this wait is so long

The green thrust,
   the reach, the stretch
and the woods’ dull autumnal carpet,
its subtle palette outlasting monochrome white
interrupted now by flickering greens,
   dark pools, tiny brooklets
bursting up exultantly,
colours saturating, uncontainable.

My head is washed out, unburdened,
fuzzy, heavy antlers of my winter brain shed
I am clear:
   greenly, wetly new, restored.

Tanya Fenkell is a Toronto-based artist working primarily in watercolour. She holds a BA in English Literature from McGill University, an MA (in English) and an MIS from the University of Toronto. Currently, she spends most of her time raising three sons. She has had a number of exhibitions in Ontario and her work is held in several private collections in Canada.

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