All The Rain Clouds Are Talking

They sip on their wishes
as the rain gods switch name tags
back behind boxes and boxes of names

In the back room with dragons
the old men gather whispers,
secrets forgotten, as memories fade

When onto some station of rumours and ages,
a train shows up crowded with wishes of gold

They drink to their wishes, to new names and fortunes
then send out lost postcards that each wrote alone

With every last letter forgiven away

Draped in a blanket of forever stamps

They send them to places that people forget,
secure in the hands of sleepwalking angels

They kiss them along for a journey of memories

This moment of dreamers, a banquet of movements,
a dance around breakfast in a strange folded bed

Some say that the heart of a god craves both paper
and people, and people of paper, and paper for people

For letters and memories are all that you’ve slept on,
and even awake, you hunger for pillows,
wishing somebody really had not eaten your egg

Elan Radousky enjoys writing poetry, juggling objects, and most types of fruits and vegetables. His poems have appeared in Eunoia Review, Right Hand Pointing, and One Sentence Poems. Some of Elan’s poetry (and comics) can be discovered over at his website.

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