Pronouncement Of The Unfinished Ordinance Without Crust

The winds of creativity borrow all lightly held umbrellas and fallen leaves. Tangling with the keys to the second kingdom of lost kites around overgrown tree branches.

When searching for the perfect word you run through every prop list of stage directions, checking off the laws of poetry against the ruling statutes of your dreams.

But three great sculptures guard against your inspiration. Weathered by the rain of time and fish. They enter through the extremely happy domains of moss and colors. To tower over you.

A mighty lion, a fish-devouring pelican, and the decapitated statue of a man tempting bread to cast off its sinful form and finally embrace the breakfast perfect formula of toast.

Elan Radousky enjoys writing poetry, juggling objects, and most types of fruits and vegetables. His poems have appeared in Eunoia Review, Right Hand Pointing, and One Sentence Poems. Some of Elan’s poetry (and comics) can be discovered over at his website.

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