Words of love

The first time I fell in love was with words:
all those warm vowels, close and soft as skin,
and consonants, sharp and startling as birds
when curtains are flung and early light pours in.
At night, when I woke up hungry for voices
I slapped my weary parents with books
until they slurred those familiar noises
I knew matched the pictures. Later each nook
of the house became mine; novels a gateway
to the world, while local streets throbbed
with Italian verbs. I heard stories each Sunday,
and between the lines the true hero was God.
No wonder I fell for the Logos who rules
over all that he made with words as his tools.

Claire Watson is an Australian Salvation Army Officer who turned to poetry after the death of her daughter, Hannah, in 2014. Her memoir, Fingerprints of Grace, was published in 2017. Claire’s poems have appeared in various Australian journals and anthologies, and her unpublished manuscript, A Glimpse of Light, won Highly Commended in the 2021 Friendly Street Poets competition.

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