Late Autumn in New England

clock chimes harmonize
with the cadence of cascading leaves
who, leaving their branches of birth, fall among the
fallen foliage.

red brick; old, staid,
resonant with the results of receding chlorophyll.
have you had your fill?
is the image burned into your mind,
burnished and glowing and real?
or will it fade? like the color from the leaves
or the life from your cheeks
or the blue from the sky as you approach monochrome

the clock chimes again.
there are no leaves left to fall.
a barren trunk shudders in the weighted wind and
reverberates with the hollow sound.

Jared Schwartz is a writer from New York and a student at Brown University. His work has been published or is forthcoming in Glassworks, North Dakota Quarterly, FEED, and Anthropocene. He can be found on Instagram and Twitter: @jschwartzpoetry.

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1 Response to Late Autumn in New England

  1. Kelly S says:

    This is exactly what late Autumn in NE is like!

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