after “Peanut Butter” by Eileen Myles

You always say
you aren’t hungry
’til you see me
eating. I make
the two of us
peanut butter
in nothing but
boxers. You lounge
in nothing

but a T-shirt.
I hate going out—
stranger’s sweat
on my body
& drunk guys
your waist
to move by.
I hate the noise
that drowns out
the sound
of you calling
my name.
This is better.
I prefer this

quiet. A walk
with the dog.
A shitty movie &
your feet on
my lap. Going
for groceries—
stocking up
on peanut butter.
I always drive.
You’re always
along for the

Beck Guerra Carter is a nonbinary lesbian poet from Austin, Texas. They are an MFA candidate at Texas State University. Beck has been published in Lavender Review, Q/A Poetry, Odes and Elegies: Eco-Poetry from the Texas Gulf Coast, and elsewhere. Their life is more than a list of failures and accomplishments. So is yours. Beck’s pronouns are they/she.

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