if to wish away a moment
is not to be      I wish

for this particular light
in leaves of pacific live oak      for

the salted horizon      bay sliver
of toenail      buildings dripped brightly

how reality interrupts itself
in gray herons in backyards

in the unexpected glistening back
of a blowfly      alighted on hand

where is a pen
when I need one?

how something as subtle as light
can trickle down      form channels

cracks in stone,      canyons
ebb and flow            of the sun

unfolds so slowly
you almost miss it

light alights on the dogwood
branches      are movement      which is to say

light. shadows cling to undersides
and slide      as the ground tilts

Savannah Voth is a high school senior from California who loves to write and create art in many different forms, often finding inspiration through observing everyday things.

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