night falls inside my body / & turns it blind / the way a muddy river / browns a white fish / & my body is a lunar calendar / longing for Ramadan / to catch the glimpse of a new moon / I look through the window / & find a rainbow / with a different spectrum / a long curve with ribbons of G R I E F / across the skyline / these days / I am learning to stay alive / because living has become more of an abstract noun / than a verb / something I only imagined / & wished for / touch this boy’s tongue & / feel your hands go numb like darkness / I have crawled through my gullet / in the torrents of songs / where hope was just a line living through slow solos / & verses & rhymes / of a subtle hymn / but never a sight of light from a distant proximity / touch his eyes / & watch your forefinger / become a tap where water runs from / I have dug a well in the same gullet / finding if there was any trace of honey / milk / or sugar / left in my body / but none / just stones / & torsos / & echoes of old conversations / just a dark rickety cavern / & a wind of aloneness / hold this boy’s palms / & feel the breath of a poem / falling from the west / like zephyrs / & don’t we break our faces with a smirk / just to prove that everything is fine / that there’s something to hold on to? / light has become a brittle glass / so I don’t grasp it / the way I should / to avoid another shatter / I have tried all I could / to create sparkles / in my body / I have glued fireflies to my skin / but they neither burnt my grief / nor illuminated me / if not a sunflower that wilts in the morning / what else am I ? / perhaps closed eyes wandering through a dream / where the world was just the world / before God spoke / where darkness was just a coverlet gilding the earth /

Chinedu Gospel is a young Nigerian Poet. He writes from Anambra. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in The Rising Phoenix Review, Lunaris Review, Rough Cut Press, Eremite Poetry, FERAL, Poetry Column-NND, Fahmidan Journal, Sledgehammer Lit, and Rigorous, among others. He tweets (@gospel79070806) & is on IG (@gospelsofpoetry).

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1 Response to Scotoperiod

  1. Jake says:

    Dude,was fuckin incredible. So much fluid change of subjects. I’m in complete awe

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