The mouth of Hell opens
And I start to cry
Because their spine looks like a toothpick
Next to those flames—

I imagine myself flossing
With their dust lingering on my gums like sugar

Brittle, grainy,

I see legs, they had those legs,

Which are now dilapidated houses overtop
Cool, hollowed out brick

Why are you just standing there?
Let us tend to them—
They are a crop’s fresh harvest,
Bones can be the seeds we must sow
So bring in the metal brooms

Watch how the tiny fires
Crawl down its own throat
All pretty like that

Jasper Dnieper is a 23-year-old non-binary writer who has been writing poetry, short stories, and screenplays for over a decade. Jasper has received multiple awards for their works from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Jasper is currently based in Toronto, Canada, where they continue to write and dream.

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