Our Bodies Are Shells That Remind Us We Belong to the Ocean

There is a mythology to this accidental
lapse in consciousness.
She is part of the infinitesimal beyond.
Part of this experiment of decaying bodies
where the extent of this flesh and lived possibility
stretches our bodies across oceans.
A virtuous purpose they tell me.
I nod as if discussing frying eggs,
be patient they say.
God has counted all the leaves
in all the trees outside the hospital room.
They read from a bible and I am
reminded of history lessons where your
ancestors acted as intercessors for him,
And other atrocities I have since forgotten.
I am part of the infinitesimal beyond.
Part of this experiment of decaying bodies.

Noemi Martinez is a queer femme gq[she/they] crip poet-curanderx writer, historian and cultural worker living in the militarized borderlands. Some of her art, poems, essays and creative pieces have been featured in Doubleback Review, TAYO, Resistance and Hope: Essays by Disabled People, Rest for Resistance, The Deaf Poets Society, Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines and Stirring: A Literary Collection. Her Twitter: @hermanaresist.

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