In this place again, the for rent sign in the uterine wall, the timeline realigned for the present, the list of reasons as reminders of why. List of concerns, list of pressing matters, list of choices, list of real or imposed isolation. List of real or imagined reasons. List of better solutions. List of bitter solutions. A handful of rocks act as earth, grounding me. Tangible. Corporeal. The present is a straight short line. The future is a conceived notion for dreamers. The future is a series of misaligned calculations. The future is a gardener dreaming. We are not the seeds but the plots.

This is a reprint of work originally published in Star 82 Review.

Noemi Martinez is a queer femme gq[she/they] crip poet-curanderx writer, historian and cultural worker living in the militarized borderlands. Some of her art, poems, essays and creative pieces have been featured in Doubleback Review, TAYO, Resistance and Hope: Essays by Disabled People, Rest for Resistance, The Deaf Poets Society, Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines and Stirring: A Literary Collection. Her Twitter: @hermanaresist.

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