The Five-Second Rule

Even the smallest child knows—
get it before you count to five,
and you can eat on as though
it never touched the floor. The Journal
of Applied Microbiology concludes
this adage into lore. To confirm,
I run my own experiment—
it takes less than five seconds
to tell you I Love You—
I try to pick it back up, but
everything it touched is already
contaminated. Even with the risk,
I would drop it again.

Andrea Krause (she/her) lives in Portland, Oregon. Her work is forthcoming in Moist Poetry Journal. She introverts inconspicuously on Twitter at @PNWPoetryFog.

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1 Response to The Five-Second Rule

  1. ljjanes says:

    Such a profound idea/feeling in such a short poem. This really resonates with me and I love it.

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