For Qi Hong: Setting Off Once Again

How come I seldom dream, you once complain
But before returning to Songzi, where we grew
Up together, you did have one, & one in which
You run after me to catch a last bus at twilight

You ask me to interpret this dream, hopefully
Like a fortune teller or Freudian psychologist
& all I have to say is it is an auspicious one
For any fast-moving vehicle in a dream means

A solid progress in life. Given the way I led you
Closely hand in hand, we’re meant not only to join
Truth in a Platonic relationship, but as a true
Couple eager to get onto the bus to happiness

Yuan Changming hails with Allen Yuan from Credits include Pushcart nominations, besides appearances in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17) & Best New Poems Online, among others. Recently, Yuan published his eleventh chapbook Limerence, and served on the jury for Canada’s 44th National Magazine Awards (poetry category).

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