This One About the English Countryside

Hilltop, we clung

with red-cold fingers, burnished

cheeks and foreheads, scarves

and orange peels swinging

from our pockets. Here,

where there are a thousand

kinds of quiet: leaky morning, re-

heated soup, tomato or chicken

or onion. Carpeted steps,

the softened flesh of table

butter or parceled afternoons,

reading knee to knee

on the sofa, green,

this one about the

english countryside. this one

about the sun sliding down as if

thrown against the wall.

Maya Renaud-Levine is a senior at Beacon High School, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has a passion for podcasts, politics, singing, and playing the piano, and will never turn down a good crime novel. Her poetry is published or forthcoming in The WEIGHT Journal, Idle Ink, Eunoia Review, Blue Marble Review, Girls Right the World, Recenter Press, and Truant Lit, and she is a national winner of the American High School Poets’ JUST POETRY!!! the National Poetry Quarterly.

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