Broken Red Ceramic Heart

I told myself before the move to wrap
it carefully, box it, place it way up high
on a top-floor closet shelf, a packing strap
around it once or twice, and double-tie
the ends in furious knots—all which I did,
having also swaddled it in a shag
blanket, tied that with triple-ply braided
boat rope and put that in a vinyl bag
folded over twice and duct-taped. Now
four shards reflect the TV screen’s blue light
kind of prettily—I don’t know how
the damned thing fell, but, so, okay, it might
be fixed with glue, packed in excelsior,
and put back in the closet—on the floor.

This is a reprint of work originally published in A Tree and Gone.

Terence Culleton has published several collections of formally crafted narrative and lyric poems, including A Communion of Saints (2011) and Eternal Life (2015), both with Anaphora Literary Press. His most recent book, A Tree and Gone, just out this past spring through Future Cycle Press, is a collection of fifty-four formal English sonnets, many of which have appeared in journals and anthologies and/or been shortlisted in sonnet contests. A Tree and Gone was recently included in the New York Review of Books Small Press Releases listing. A multiple Pushcart nominee Mr. Culleton has had several pieces featured on NPR, as well as various TV programs, and he reads widely throughout the Philadelphia and New York areas. Several of his poems have been set to music by Vermont composer Don Jamison, as well as jazz clarinetist Darryl Harper and his ensemble Onus.

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