What’s Broken

After Dorianne Laux

seven cups and three bowls.
an odd plate. trust.
not by a malicious hand,
instead by another
mistake, i say.
simply a shard of glass.
find a way to
sweep this under the rug
again, again
until there’s nothing but dust.
now this body cracks in half,
jawlike, hungry,
i was never meant to be this open.
i never meant to let you close.

(breaking is good sometimes,
i try to convince myself.
sometimes the night splits
to let the sun in.)

my heart, a jar.
as i sweep up the pieces, i find
an odd plate. a cup of poison.
the rivulets down the tile
carry things not meant for me.

Miceala Morano (she/her/hers) is an emerging writer whose work is published or forthcoming in The Lumiere Review, Hooligan Magazine, Intersections Magazine, Ice Lolly Review, and more. Her work has been recognized by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, and she was recently named a Foyle Commended Poet by the Poetry Society of the UK, as well as Arkansas Scholastic Press Association’s 2021 Literary Magazine Writer of the Year.

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