shopping online for chaise lounges

I’ve always had a hankering to own a chaise lounge;
ideally velvet in the colour of blue
known as robin’s egg, with a
single arm rest and long rows
of dimples, yes I’ll admit
that I’ve envisioned all of this
in some detail

I’m not typically extravagant and I
don’t have visitors so this chaise lounge
won’t be there to impress anyone
I just like the idea of lounging
poetically, draping myself limply
over the arm rest, alighting softly
like one of Freud’s maidens
this being one of the few instances
where the word alighting is completely appropriate

I picture it sometimes, a glimmer
of ludicrous crushed-velvet luxury
in the midst of a room otherwise utilitarian
and aesthetically confused, as if to say
how very silly luxury is and yet
how fanciful, how compelling

it turns out that people really do sell
chaise lounges, you can literally
just go online and buy them
but of course I don’t buy one, I just
scroll wistfully through the pictures
feeling somehow that it must be a trick
I’m not really allowed to spend my money
on chaise lounges, and if I try
Greta Thunberg will emerge
from the pores of the plasterboard and ask me
how dare I be so wasteful

Emily Adlam’s poetry has been published in collections including The Mays XIX, New Zealand Poetry Society annual collections, Re-Draft and the Oxford University Poetry Society anthology. Her debut novel was recently bought by HarperCollins Italia.

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