up there
in the evening sky,
from a vast distance,
a fiery ball
of amber warms
the ground
with watered-down
beams of light.

down there,
on the red, tepid earth,
a happy, little child
flies an obsidian kite
made from things
people no longer
find useful.

here I stand—
in between—
on a mossy hill,
on the innocence
of them both:
a banquet of transition
and pure, blind
hope for the future.

Pat Ashinze is an Ibo-Yoruba hybrid. He trained as a medical doctor and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, where he won the Inaugural Students Union Poetry Prize in 2019 as an undergraduate. Pat writes prose, poetry and everything you can think of except journalistic articles. His works have appeared and are forthcoming in TERSE. Journal, Arts Lounge Magazine, Aayo Magazine, Chicago Lit, KAIROS Literary Magazine, Kalahari Review, vox poetica etc. He was a finalist for the 2021 Stephen A. DiBiase Poetry Prize. He was also a finalist for the 2021 World NTD Day Storytelling Competition. He won the 2021 Wingless Dreamer Midnight Poetry Contest. Pat currently resides in Southwestern Nigeria.

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4 Responses to Banquet

  1. Beautifully written 🌹💫

  2. Richard A. says:

    Excellent 💯

  3. Tanitoluwa says:

    Excellent as always, Pat.
    Excellent as always.

  4. Olafisoye-Oragbade Oluwatosin says:

    From the sun to the smiles of the child under it, this poem just shines!

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