Lost in Thoughts

On a lead-colored
January dawn,
I am indifferent
to imagination
as the branches
in the oak
forest creek
I am reminded
that sunlight
consoles hardwoods.
In the net of memory,
I leave behind
your silhouette
as I tread across
where I wait
for you
in the mildness
of morning
where I am haunted
by sentimental lyrics
of a forgotten song.

Jim Brosnan’s first poetry and original photography collection, Nameless Roads, was traditionally published in 2019 (Moon Pie Press). He has had over 600 poems published in the United States, Ireland, Canada, Wales, India, Singapore, and the UK. Jim is a Pushcart nominee, a finalist in the Blue Light Chapbook Contest, and has won several awards in the National Federation of State Poetry Societies’ annual competitions, including a first place in 2021.

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2 Responses to Lost in Thoughts

  1. Francis says:

    I loved this poem

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