California King

Never go to bed angry,
It is said.
I wake, mid-sentence, raging.
When I turn
There is an empty space beside me
And I am frightened at how long I have been here
Plotting my words alone.
Everything is the color of beige
But I don’t know what time it is
Whether dawn or dusk,
Only a throbbing headache.
The house is empty,
Everyone is gone.
Back in my room
The law lies strewn upon my desk,
There is no rule, no knowledge within for what to do.
When I peer out through the sagging slats of the window,
The street is empty too,
The mountains are nearly invisible.
I dare not turn on the light
But sit at the edge of the bed
By the impression of something gone.

Brandon Ying Kit Boey is a Singaporean-American writer and lawyer living in Maine. Brandon studied at New York University and has contributed to publications such as Washington Square Review. His first novel, Karma of the Sun, is forthcoming in Spring of 2023, to be published by CamCat Books.

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