Missing the Lyrid Meteor Shower

            April 22, 2020

Though I know the air
outside probably cannot infect me,

I choose to stay inside
nevertheless, and watch

a high-definition tour bus ride
through the Yorkshire Dales,

a trip that took place back when
the biggest concern for groups

of tourists was not keeping six feet
apart, but getting a window seat.

My parents once took this very tour
over rugged hills whiskered with bracken

and down through river-jeweled valleys.
Together they snapped countless images

of lichened stone walls
that separate one flock of sheep

from another, of tall holly hedgerows
lining narrow serpentine roads,

and of the faces of strangers
befriended in the hour-and-a-half

it took to cross North Yorkshire.
All those images, now faded and brittle,

remain preserved as Kodak slides.
The attic holds the memories

of all their trips in labeled boxes
of black carousels stacked layer upon layer

like strata marking the epochs of their lives,
epochs I haven’t the strength to excavate.

Kip Knott’s first collection of short stories, Some Birds Nest in Broken Branches, is available from Alien Buddha Press. His most recent full-length book of poetry, Clean Coal Burn, is available from Kelsay Books. You can follow him on Twitter at @kip_knott and read more of his writing at https://www.kipknott.com.

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