Tips for parenting during lockdown

The advice says
keep a routine,
get outside,
limit snacks,
oversee crafts,
make learning fun,
reduce stress,
avoid conflicts,
be everyone,
have everything,

                        So she collected a possum skull
                        stranded in a rushing stream,
                        scraped off its flesh,
                        rinsed its blood and brain matter,
                        boiled away its fat,
                        and immersed it in hydrogen peroxide
                        in a yogurt container in the garage
                        until the bones were bleached pure
                        and the fanged jaw
                        smirked down from the shelf
                        to show her children
                        what a mother can make
                        out of the putrid decay
                        left at her feet.

Caleb Wolfson-Seeley is a baker and father residing in Williamstown, Massachusetts. He was a 2022 finalist for the Adina Talve-Goodman Fellowship for early-career writers of fiction whose work speaks to issues and experiences related to inhabiting bodies of difference.

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