The Daily News

I am sober today
and read the last page
first. Each want ad

is a drawer
in the morgue
cluttered with type,

marked with a price tag.
I open the dresser
in my room

and lie down in a field
of dandelion seed
like down

raising me up
in a cloud of removal,
my sins erased,

my belief
in the world restored:
vases of rose

water evaporating
into the hymn
of air

under the closing credits
and your best
friend calling you

through the shrill ring
of a bicycle
approaching you

from behind to tell you
you will

Native of Boston, MA., Stelios Mormoris is CEO of Scent Beauty, Inc. Citizen of Greece and the U.S., Stelios was born in New York, and lived most of his adult life in Paris.

Stelios is also a contemporary artist, specializing in abstract oil painting. He studied in the Creative Writing Program at Princeton University as a student of William Meredith and Maxine Kumin. He received a B.A. in Architecture from Princeton University, and an M.B.A. from INSEAD [Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires] in Fontainebleau, France.

He has been published in Crosswinds Poetry Journal, The Fourth River, Gargoyle Magazine, The Good Life ReviewHigh Shelf Press, Humana Obscura, Midwest Poetry Review, Press, South Road, Spillway, Sugar House Review, Tupelo Quarterly, Verse, Whelks Walk Review and other journals.

Stelios’ debut book of poetry titled The Oculus is forthcoming from Tupelo Press in September 2022.

Stelios has held positions on the Boards of the French Cultural Center of Boston, Historic New England, the Fragrance Foundation, and ACT UP.

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