The House Sparrow

We were enjoying dinner alfresco
and the kids were throwing bread crusts
out into the street
We all watched
as the birds fluttered
from the havens
and stabbed their loot
like knights jousting
for a fair maiden

You know that those house sparrows
are invasive,
my friend said

Really? I asked

Yeah. They were introduced in the mid-1800s
to help control the caterpillar population,
he said

How long does a bird have to be here
before it’s no longer considered invasive?
I asked

My friend shrugged
lifted his beer mug
from the table
and brought it
to his lips

Jason Fisk lives and writes in the suburbs of Chicago. He has worked in a psychiatric unit, labored in a cabinet factory, and mixed cement for a bricklayer. He was born in Ohio, raised in Minnesota, and has spent the last few decades in the Chicago area. His novel, The Craigslist Incident, was published by Unsolicited Press in June. His website:

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