Haibun for Forgetting

i had a dream about my ex last night. it was
metaphorical, i think. or just life leaking.
remembered his hands. calluses against my
palm. fingers between each knuckle. &
then conflagration. fire alarm. stampede. him


kids bought by host families. newfound
suburbia. mother asking me to polish her teeth.
i take a vacuum to clean our dusty dusty
beach house. wipe down portraits of children
who came before me


ocean is incubating hours. sand is breeding
weapons. i find a sword. my ex. his right hand.
push the blade through. blood tastes purest
when licked of off skin. finally, we are left with
nightmare architecture. nothing much else


Laughter wakes me up
& it feels like palming rain,
Taint scrubbed holy.

Audrey Lin 林妍希 (they/she/he) is a queer high school student interested in language, literature, and art that defies form. They are based in Los Angeles via the Bay Area and Shanghai. Their work has been published by Depth Cues and is forthcoming in the lickety~split.

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