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Death In The Sun

Man speaks your name like a burning anathema, and picks up your body where butterflies of newspapers circle above you. The yellow sun is in your hair, the darkened color of tamed waters. The warm yellow sun— The quiet yellow … Continue reading

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The Nudity Of A Man

The nudity of a man rises out distinctively from the steam of the sauna house, like the mid-year moon that dashes from the encaging mist of the night and falls into the crystal pond of my eyes. The moon is … Continue reading

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Zhang Yuan (The Garden of Zhang)

It crouches             deep in the garden. A bizarre phantasm in a still aluminum jungle; A wound where memory             flows and stops the air, thwarted by the refracted light             of modernity. A hundred years— worms,             wars, humans,             guns, emperors             paupers built … Continue reading

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