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How To Become A Writer

At night Throw yourself away At dawn Remake yourself fresh Fluid gender Fluid sex Be nowhere but Let your eyes and ears wander                        everywhere Be novel Be the .5 kid Write in ash Turn voices of the past Into a group … Continue reading

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My Philosophy of Smell

Onion reek of tears. Mushrooms have the same aroma of the earth. Grapefruits fill one’s nose with deceitfulness. A whiff of a ripe banana is unfriendly and a clementine aggressive. An apple has a soft radiant quality to it, like … Continue reading

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Meditation On Seasons Of The Body

Summer comes first. Always, summer comes first with a sunlight-like weight upon your shoulders. Everything, everyone is a light bulb, a candle that cannot be blown out despite the murderous winds. Pleasure dresses the unknown. Wonder builds an unexplored city. … Continue reading

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For French Algerian author Albert Camus, life is rooted in paradox, in the absurd. “I rebel; therefore we exist.” From between its mother’s thighs the baby joined the world. It cried like every other baby. It smelled like every other … Continue reading

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Little Gifts

On Christmas Eve my father gave me bruises as a little gift. He dragged me down the stairs by my long hair and beat me under the tree’s lights. “You think Jesus never got a whipping for doing something bad?” … Continue reading

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